“Tell your people to stop stabbing us”

Recently David Horowitz wrote an article carried in The Times of Israel in which he addressed PA President Abbas, saying, “You need to tell your people to stop stabbing us!” The new stabbing campaign leveled at Israelis in recent weeks and months, has actually been encouraged by the PA President. Around a dozen Israelis have been killed and somewhere near three times that number of Palestinians have died in their new “knife-intifada.” Horowitz referred to them as “suicidal stabbers, or kamikaze knifers.”


Israeli Border Police guard the entrance to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, in a bid to stem a series of terrorist and Molotov cocktail attacks carried out in the area over the past weeks.

Abbas seems to think he is some kind of hero (at least to the Israel-haters who back him), or maybe he is trying to give himself legitimacy in a time when he was feeling marginalized. One wonders why he would feel the need to do that, having been given plenty of legitimacy by US Secretary of State Kerry’s efforts to get him talking to Israel again. The Palestinians are the darling of the UN, and Abbas, being their president, is appreciated there. On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been demonized and shunned by US President Obama. Unflattering pictures of Netanyahu have been flashed around the world.
As for Horowitz’s article, he tells Abbas, “You’ve not condemned [the stabbers]. In fact, you’ve encouraged them – while simultaneously peddling the double-speak that we’ve been killing them in cold blood. You’ve publicly declared that “every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem” is clean and pure and blessed. You’ve reassured each new prospective killer that “every martyr will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah.
“You obviously don’t care about our people, who have had the temerity to build a thriving Jewish state in our historic homeland, and whom you lie about and incite against. But since your people understandably seek their own independence, and to be freed from our rule, you need to tell them that trying to kill us one at a time with knives and screwdrivers and whatever else comes to hand is as counterproductive and doomed as the long series of previous efforts to massacre and terrorize us into leaving – the conventional wars, the suicide bombings, the rockets, the car-rammings, and the relentless effort to demonize and delegitimize and isolate us internationally.”
Unfortunately, many Arabs, including Palestinians, know only hatred. Just today I watched an absolutely riveting video in which a former Muslim explained why he believed in Jesus, and it was, ironically, through reading the Quran. The video was too long to give the details here, but they include the fact that Jesus is mentioned some 25 times in the Quran whereas Muhammad is mentioned by name only 4 times. Mary (Miriam) is also mentioned numerous times, as well as Jesus’ divine nature, the fact that He worked miracles, that the Holy Spirit was upon Him, and that He will return. Muhammad is said to be dead and there is no prophecy of his return. Therefore this former Muslim said he had actually been taught by the Quran that he should follow Jesus. Too bad the majority of Muslims don’t know their own book. If they did, maybe they would stop hating the People from whom Jesus came – the “People of the Book.”
Horowitz continues speaking to Abbas: “The path to the statehood and independence you seek is actually relatively straightforward. It was wide open in 1947 – all your predecessors had to do for a first-ever Palestine was accept a revived Israel. Instead, they opted for war and futile, bloody, tragic self-sabotage.” And that futile war continues.
“Here’s the thing,” Horowitz says. “Much of the world has been convinced that we’re the Goliath to your David. That super-strong Israel, a regional superpower, should be eminently capable of taking those US president-recommended risks for the cause of your people’s statehood and our own legitimacy and tranquility.
“But if you look at the Goliath-David equation in the wider context – in the context of tiny Israel on the western edge of the vicious, shifting, unpredictable and weapons-filled Middle East – then it’s a frankly ridiculous misrepresentation. Israel is not about to render itself still more vulnerable to extremism on three sides, and with only the sea on the fourth. Better press coverage and warm messages of support from the international community are somewhat inadequate compensation for national suicide.”
Horowitz concludes: “President Abbas, God does not reward those who spill the blood of innocents. There are no killing fields on the path to Paradise. If you care about your people, you should be telling them to preserve lives, not take them. Our lives and theirs.”
But with the whole world more and more sinking into the trap of infatuation with Islam, it is becoming more and more difficult to expect the Muslim nations of the Middle East to respect the Jewish people. As far as I know, there are only two Muslim nations in the Middle East who have recently made kind verbal gestures toward Israel – Egypt and Saudi Arabia. A Jordanian cleric recently said, “The Jews must be killed – just not yet.” One would have expected better from the Kingdom of Jordan.
When Jesus returns, He will want to know how we have treated His people. Let us continue to stand with Israel, so that we may face the Messiah with confidence when He comes.
“Then the King will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40).
Reporting for CFI Jerusalem,
Lonnie C. Mings